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The Aqua cold Focal Plane temperatures currently experience an increasing orbital oscillation due to a decrease in radiative cooler margin. The majority of the impact on MODIS data is captured by the scan-by-scan nature of the calibration for thermal bands. A modified approach to derive the non-linear calibration coefficients and compensate for the temperature fluctuations was implemented in Aqua C6 forward processing as a LUT update on 07/05/12 ( Further investigation by MCST and the University of Wisconsin atmosphere group indicated improvement in the C6 cloud top properties L2 products if the modified approach is applied to the entire mission. After approval by the science team, a revised C6 LUT will be delivered and the affected Aqua C6 data, 2009/208 (07/27/09) to present, will be reprocessed - new C6 L1B and cloud mask - and will replace what is currently in the archive. The predominant impacts are only for bands 33, 35, and 36, all other bands will have no or negligible differences from the current L1B in the archive.

If you are currently using Aqua C6 L1B/cloud mask data for 2009/208 to present, be advised that the reprocessed data will have differences, particularly for bands 33, 35 and 36.

Update: Proposed C6 Aqua L1 and Cloud Mask Reprocessing Canceled

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