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Please read the disclaimer about the Collection 5 MOD04_L2 and MYD04_L2 products.

All Suomi NPP VIIRS EDRs are currently BETA QUALITY (WITH KNOWN PROBLEMS) AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR SCIENTIFIC USE. VIIRS calibration is based on prelaunch data and on-orbit calibration and characterization has begun. For more information, see the NPP VIIRS QA - Product Quality Documentation.

For information on how long the Suomi NPP VIIRS data are kept in the archive, see the Land LPEATE Data Production and Retention policies.

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Collection 5.1 contains a full set of the Aqua products MYD04_L2, MYD05_L2, MYD06_L2, MYDATML2, MYD08_D3, MYD08_E3, and MYD08_M3 and the Terra products MOD04_L2, MOD05_L2, MOD06_L2, MODATML2, MOD08_D3, MOD08_E3, and MOD08_M3. These products can no longer be found in Collection 5.

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